hello yes is there a cat here
Hi, I'm J/Tozoku/Jenny! Ravenclaw, Scribe/Seer of Space, and queer in just about every sense of the word. I recently mostly graduated with a major in Japanese and linguistics, and I love making art, comics, and stories.I have an art blog too! (ノ゚◡◡゚)ノ ♥ よろしく~

Normal commissions or sticker commissions!

(rad webcomic party time)


This one’s based on tumblr users pup, rainsweet, and katidactyl, all of whom are wonderful people with adorable usernames! <3 You can find slightly less silly things at my tumblr and deviantART~

I finally did an art challenge - a drawing based on someone’s tumblr username. You guys are the lucky victims. T: spoilers I can’t draw pups/basically anything