hello yes is there a cat here
Hi, I'm J/Tozoku/Jenny! Ravenclaw, Scribe/Seer of Space, and queer in just about every sense of the word. I recently mostly graduated with a major in Japanese and linguistics, and I love making art, comics, and stories.I have an art blog too! (ノ゚◡◡゚)ノ ♥ よろしく~

Normal commissions or sticker commissions!

(rad webcomic party time)

This one is for my wonderful onee-sama pup! <33 She’s studying in Japan right now and will have all kinds of super cool adventures, but I’m even luckier, because I got to meet her before she left. c: Also because we are cosplaying tricksters this summer, please.

I was trying to think of something I hadn’t drawn in my going away present for her, and then I remembered her original anime waifu, Misato! We’re all waiting on that cosplay, onee-sama. T: <3