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Hi, I'm J/Tozoku/Jenny! Ravenclaw, Scribe/Seer of Space, and queer in just about every sense of the word. I recently mostly graduated with a major in Japanese and linguistics, and I love making art, comics, and stories.I have an art blog too! (ノ゚◡◡゚)ノ ♥ よろしく~

Normal commissions or sticker commissions!

(rad webcomic party time)

Just remembered that I never posted these! Ahaha… ha. Not like they’ve been sitting on my computer for a month or anything. These are the last few drawings for 101010, my random gift art project that was hindered by many unforeseen (and a few foreseen) circumstances. I still have birthday art to do and stuff, too…

Haunting Ground fanart for Angela, I hope I can see her aginnn sometime~ Are lacy body pillows a thing? Daniella’s is probably custom-made anyway.

League of Legends fanart for David, iiiit’s Katarina I think? She’s your favorite, right? Anyway she’s a babe so okay.

Some Pokemon for Nick, ‘cause why not. Two that I figured he’d like and one that apparently made him throw up, so. Good.