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Hi, I'm J/Tozoku/Jenny! Ravenclaw, Scribe/Seer of Space, and queer in just about every sense of the word. I recently mostly graduated with a major in Japanese and linguistics, and I love making art, comics, and stories.I have an art blog too! (ノ゚◡◡゚)ノ ♥ よろしく~

Normal commissions or sticker commissions!

(rad webcomic party time)

My secret santa gift for Cliffe~ I was lucky enough to get someone who shares some of my favorite characters and ships, so rather than choose between them I sorta wound up going all out! Cliffe also runs an adorable Journey ask blog, so I took a little inspiration from that for a slight redesign of Jade’s god tier outfit. u wu Happy holidays, and I hope you like it! I definitely enjoyed drawing it~

December 24, 2012 - 2:37pm [1 year ago]

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    Oh my good gracious! Thank you so very much, this is fantastic! It has just a little bit of everything!
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